Thursday, July 21, 2005

Soundtrack Pro
Sound design audio sweeping program; but not a Music Studio.

For film projects. Precision audio control; powerful sound desig; coprehesnive toolset; integrated workflow. Can deal with hmm from air conditioner, or squeal from lights.

Can go to bottom level of sample rate and tweak it. Can compound effects on top of each other.
Action based editing. Non-destructive editing, never overriding original file. Will automatically generate cross-fade if overlap audio clips.

Intelligent find and fix. Hear clicks and pops and cut them out or many kinds of environmental sounds.

Time Stretch audio, without effecting the pitch.
Over 50 pro plugins, high-quality effects, 5,000 loops and sound effects done at Lucas Studio.

Royalty free soundtracks, don't have to buy huge libraries to get past copyright. Can add your own effects. Wrok simultaneously with video projects.

Played movie of creating sound effects, starring Walter Murch? sp. Can we get copies of this video clip? Where is it located if so?

To encode need G5 level machine though can play back on G4.


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